Pay us directly

Starting from the beginning of next year, all of our members will pay their fee directly to us. We therefore recommend that you, as a member of Lärarförbundet or Förbundet Folkhögskollärarna, sign up for direct debiting with us today. If you do not do anything, you will get a payment slips in the regular mail.

I have payroll deductions (löneavdrag)

Your payroll deductions will continue to work for membership in Lärarförbundet, but not to insure your income. As an unemployment insurance fund, we have no connection to your salary payments.

We also know that members have accidentally lost their insurance through us when their payroll deduction was not working properly. This could happen as soon as you stop receiving a salary for some reason, like when you take sick leave, go on parental leave or change jobs. Therefore, it is more secure for you to pay your unemployment insurance directly to us.

If you prefer an automatic payment to us, similar to a payroll deduction, we suggest that you sign up for direct debiting (“autogiro”). That way, your membership is renewed automatically even in situations where there is an interruption in your salary payments. Follow our simple guide, and get up and running with direct debiting in 3 minutes!

Get direct debiting in 3 minutes

I already pay by direct debit

If you have direct debiting for Lärarförbundet, it will continue after the end of the year but the membership fee to us will not be debited. You need to change your payment method with us to continue to insure your income through us. So, sign up for direct debiting with us today. Your payments will take care of themselves after the end of the year.

If you are a member of Lärarnas A-kassa but not Lärarförbundet, you do not need to do anything. Your direct debiting carries on as usual.

Get direct debiting in 3 minutes

I get payment slips in the mail

We recommend that you sign up for direct debiting so that your membership can continue automatically without your having to register your payments. Plus, direct debiting is environmentally friendly and helps us put our members’ money to good use instead of spending it on sending notifications. If you don’t do anything at all, we will send a payment slip separately from Lärarförbundet after the end of the year.

Get direct debiting in 3 minutes